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A Complete Guide to Closing Costs in Kentucky

Who  pays Closing costs in Kentucky? How much is closing Costs in Kentucky? A Complete Guide to Closing Costs.  Complete Guide to Closing Costs in Kentucky A Complete Guide to Closing Costs Types of Closing Costs Let’s talk briefly about the types of closing costs you might encounter and how much those costs tend to […]
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Kentucky Rural Housing USDA – Upcoming Changes – October 2016 Submit your applications beginning Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The USDA has announced exciting changes that will be implemented in October 2016. USDA is a great product that offers 100% financing, zero down payment for certain rural areas. Effective in October 2016, there will be two big changes to the USDA product: The Up Front Funding Fee will be reduced to 1%. It currently […]
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ALL FUNDS ALLOCATED FOR THE $10,000 DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE AT THIS TIME. $10,000 Down Payment Grant from Kentucky Housing for 2018 First Time Home Buyers   There still is the $6000 Down Payment Assistance Available year-round       4 Things Every Borrower Needs to Get Approved for a Mortgage or Home Loan In Kentucky […]
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Kentucky Housing Offering 2% fixed 30 year fixed rate home loans for Kentucky First Time Home Buyers with household incomes less than $35,000

  KHC is offering a very low fixed rate on a first-come, first-serve basis for Kentucky Home Buyers.  It can be used for FHA, VA, USDA  and still go no money down with this low rate. The $6000 and $4500 Down Payment Assistance Funds can be used in conjunction with this 30 year fixed rate […]
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What is the difference between the Kentucky Freddie Mac Home Possible and the Fannie Mae Home Ready Loan Program?

Kentucky Home Possible  vs. Kentucky Home Ready Mortgage Loan This easy to read chart gives you a side by side comparison of these products:     Joel Lobb Senior  Loan Officer (NMLS#57916)   phone: (502) 905-3708  Fax:     (502) 327-9119 kentuckyloan@gmail.com       http://www.mylouisvillekentuckymortgage.com/ The view and opinions stated on this website belong solely to […]
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Kentucky FHA Mortgage Loan Updates For You

Kentucky FHA Mortgage Loan Updates For You Full commissioned buyer with 1 year on the job pre-approved:  FHA will allow for a borrower to only be commissioned sales for 1 year! FHA’s new student loan guideline:  FHA’s new bulletin announces that lenders can no longer use an IBR (Income Based Repayment) for figuring student loan […]
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April 18, 2016   KENTUCKY MORTGAGE FHA STUDENT LOAN POLICY UPDATES On April 12, 2016, HUD announced a policy change to provide guidance on calculating student loan payments for a FHA Mortgage loan approval.  Per ML 2016-08, this policy is effective for all loans with case numbers assigned on or after June 30, 2016, however, […]
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Down Payment Assistance Program for Jefferson County Kentucky Louisville

Kentucky Housing recognizes that down payments, closing costs and prepaids are stumbling blocks for many potential home buyers. Here are several loan programs to help. Your KHC-approved lender can help you apply for the program that meets your need.Regular DAPPurchase price up to $243,000.Assistance in the form of a loan up to $6,000 in $100 increments.Repayable over a […]
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Mortgage Tips

Mortgage Tips. via Mortgage Tips.   Tips to ensure your mortgage closes smoothly: Credit Cards / New debt: Once you have applied for a mortgage, do not apply for new debt or credit cards, even if you do not plan to use them until after settlement. When you buy a home, you will undoubtedly buy […]
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What are the property requirements for a USDA Rural Housing Loan in Kentucky?

What are the property requirements for a USDA Rural Housing Loan in Kentucky?. via What are the property requirements for a USDA Rural Housing Loan in Kentucky?.