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closing costs in Kentucky

A Complete Guide to Closing Costs in Kentucky

Who  pays Closing costs in Kentucky? How much is closing Costs in Kentucky? A Complete Guide to Closing Costs.  Complete Guide to Closing Costs in Kentucky A Complete Guide to Closing Costs Types of Closing Costs Let’s talk briefly about the types of closing costs you might encounter and how much those costs tend to […]
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Credit Fico Score for a Kentucky Mortgage FHA VA KHC

Fannie Mae According to the “Washington Post,” Fannie Mae raised its minimum credit score for conventional loans in 2009 from 580 to 620. Even if you have a 20-percent down payment, you can be rejected if your score is below 620. Fannie Mae will also reject a loan if more than 45 percent of your […]
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Fannie Mae New Lending Guidelines for Kentucky

New Lending Guidelines From Fannie Mae for Kentucky  By LYNNLEY BROWNING New York Times Published: November 18, 2010 The rules, effective on Dec. 13, will allow buyers to use gifts and grants from nonprofit groups for their minimum 5 percent down payment, which is the threshold set by Fannie Mae, the government-owned company that sets […]
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