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FHA changes may aid those who lost homes

FHA changes may aid those who lost homes. The Federal Housing Authority has shortened the mandatory waiting periods for an Kentucky  FHA-insured mortgage loan for those who have undergone foreclosure, deed-in-lieu, taken a short sale or declared bankruptcy during the economic recession.   Through its new program, Back to Work—Extenuating Circumstances, the waiting period for […]
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A Complete Guide to Closing Costs in Kentucky

Who  pays Closing costs in Kentucky? How much is closing Costs in Kentucky? A Complete Guide to Closing Costs.    Complete Guide to Closing Costs in Kentucky A Complete Guide to Closing Costs Types of Closing Costs Let’s talk briefly about the types of closing costs you might encounter and how much those costs tend […]
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Louisville gets $3 million, Ky. Housing Corp. gets $7.5 million in mortgage settlement funds – Daily Journal

The Daily Journal is dedicated to community service, to defense of individual rights and to providing those checks upon government which no constitution can ensure. The web site was built with this same set of principals and values in mind…to continue the Daily Journals mission on the Web. We also ensure complete coverage in […]
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