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Credit Score Information For Kentucky Home buyers

Credit Scores are important for getting approved for a Mortgage in Kentucky.


How are collections treated on a Mortgage loan in Kentucky for a FHA and Conventional Loan Approval?

Collection Account Tips for Fannie Mae and FHA Loan in Kentucky. Do they have to be paid to get approved for a Kentucky Mortgage Loan? Collection accounts  on the credit report can sometimes hurt your chances of getting approved for a Kentucky Mortgage loan in Two ways: First, if collections are recent, they may drag […]
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Lenders continue to lower FICO requirements for new homebuyers

  The average agency FICO score for banks is high at 745, compared to 713 at nonbank lending institutions.  Both show FICO requirements are on the way down, but it’s more pronounced at the nonbanks. Here’s why. Source: Lenders continue to lower FICO requirements for new homebuyers   The nation’s major banks are continuing to […]
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Does bad debt, collections, or charge offs on credit report have to be paid off to get a VA loan approval in Kentucky

Collections on Credit Report and How They affect a Kentucky VA Mortgage Loan Approval   Collection accounts are accounts for a debt that have been submitted to a collection agency by the creditor generally due to nonpayment. Below are general tips and guidance on what DU will require when collection accounts are reporting on a borrower’s […]
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How to boost your credit score for A Mortgage Loan Approval in Kentucky!

  Want to increase your credit score before buying a home? It might be easier than you think. Focus on these 6 steps and watch your score climb. Source: How to boost your credit score What Can Improve a Credit Score Keep Your Balances Low It’s important that you try to keep your balances at […]
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Thanks, but No Thanks – Stacy Kaper – NationalJournal.com

Thanks, but No Thanks – Stacy Kaper – NationalJournal.com.