Can you get a USDA Rural Housing loan with the Government Shutdown in 2019?

Government Shutdown USDA Loans KY


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Zero-Down Options Mortgage Loans in Kentucky

While Kentucky FHA and conventional, PMI-backed loans are appealing options for cash-strapped buyers, some borrowers may be eligible for mortgages with no down payment at all. The Veterans Affairs, or VA, loan program is one such option, although you have to be a veteran or active member of the military to take advantage (spouses of a service member who died or was disabled while on duty also qualify).

There’s no minimum credit score required to obtain a VA loan, and you don’t have to pay mortgage insurance on the loans, which are backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Instead, borrowers pay a one-time funding fee. You’d pay 2.15 percent of the mortgage amount if your loan covers 100% of the sale, although the fee is lower when you make a down payment.

Like VA loans, those offered by the United States Department of Agriculture also forgo the down payment requirement. Because the program is billed as a way to help families in rural areas, it’s easy to dismiss these loans out of hand. But the reality is, a lot of suburbs fall within the geographical boundaries established by the USDA. In fact, well over 90 percent of the land in the U.S. is eligible (you can do an easy address search here to find out).

As if the zero-down policy wasn’t enough, USDA mortgages also offer attractive interest rates and lower insurance premiums than FHA and conventional loans. You don’t need particularly high credit score to qualify, either – a FICO north of 580 is typically all you need.

But here’s the rub: You do have to meet the program’s goal of serving “low- to moderate-income households.” In practical terms, that means your family can’t bring in more than 115% of the median income in your region. For those who fall within those somewhat narrow guidelines, it’s a tough one to beat.

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Kentucky USDA Mortgage Lender for Rural Housing Loans

USDA Rural Housing Loans in Kentucky Cannot Be Closed Currently!

The U.S. Department of Agriculture will not issue new Kentucky  USDA Direct Loans or Kentucky Guaranteed Loans 502.

Current Scheduled closings of  Kentucky Direct Rural Housing Loans are being canceled and unless your guarantee was previously issued for a Guaranteed Loan, those may or may not be closed, depending on the lender.

Check with your USDA lender immediately if you’re getting a USDA loan or had planned to use the program to buy a home; you might have to put off your purchase until the shutdown is resolved.

2019 income limits for kentucky USDA Guidelines for Credit and Income Limits2019 income limits for kentucky USDA Guidelines for Credit and Income Limits Rural Housing Lender for Kentucky

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MANUFACTURED HOMES AND KENTUCKY USDA LOANS FOR RURAL HOUSING REQUIREMENTS No Money Down for Manufactured Home Rural Buyers in Kentucky Using the USDA Rural Housing loan Program Kentucky First Time Home Buyers Zero Down Special FHA, VA, and Kentucky USDA Loan Programs Getting qualified for a home loan is easier than you may think! Talk […]

via Manufactured Home Guidelines for Kentucky USDA Rural Housing Loans — Kentucky USDA Rural Housing Mortgage Loans

2010 Census Data Implementation – Eligible Rural Area Change for Kentucky USDA and Rural Housing Mortgage Loans RHS KY

2010 Census Data Implementation – Eligible Rural Area Change for Kentucky USDA and Rural Housing Mortgage Loans RHS KY.

via 2010 Census Data Implementation – Eligible Rural Area Change for Kentucky USDA and Rural Housing Mortgage Loans RHS KY.

via 2010 Census Data Implementation – Eligible Rural Area Change for Kentucky USDA and Rural Housing Mortgage Loans RHS KY.

2013 Kentucky USDA Rural Housing Underwriting and Credit Score Guidelines

Kentucky USDA credit score and mortgage requirements for 2013

Credit Scores and the Kentucky USDA Rural Development Loan Program

The Kentucky USDA Rural Development Loan Program is by far the most credit score friendly loan program currently available. While USDA is willing to work with scores lower than 640 most lenders won’t. Thus, pragmatically the minimum credit score required by USDA is 640.
For Kentucky homebuyers with a minimum credit score of 640 lenders may streamline the credit approval process normally required as part of the underwriting process. This means that a borrower:
With a lack of credit “depth” will not have to document non-traditional credit items such as utility or insurance payments
A negative past credit history may allow the Underwriter to not request letters of explanation for the cause of the past challenges
Collection accounts can remain open provided the Underwriter believes it unlikely that the account will eventually turn into a judgment
However, USDA is not willing to overlook certain overtly negative credit items even when the credit scores are over 640. For instance borrowers with any of the following adverse past credit should not expect to obtain credit approval using the USDA loan program:
Foreclosure or short sale within the last 3 years
Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharged within the past 3 years
Chapter 13 bankruptcy debt restricting plan completed within the last 12 months
Late mortgage payments within the last 12 months
Applicant or co-applicant delinquent on a federal debt; such as taxes, student loans, or previous agency loan (i.e. VA loan in which the eligibility was forfeited due to a foreclosure)
USDA may be willing to give a borrower an exception to a past bankruptcy or foreclosure prior to the three year period provided the borrower can document the cause of the past negative credit experience as being related to an illness or job loss and unlikely to reoccur.
Once the credit score exceeds 640, USDA allows this score to be considered as justification for allowing the borrowers debt-to-income-ratio to exceed the target ratios of 29% for the housing costs and 41% for the total debt ratio. Frequently USDA will approve loans where the housing ratios are in the high 30% range and total debt ratios are in the high 40% range.
Bottom line the Kentucky USDA Rural Development Loan Program is more flexible in approving a perspective borrower than any other loan program. But like any loan program today, the Loan Officer shouldn’t assume that this level of credit flexibility will result in an automatic positive underwriting decision if the Underwriter doesn’t feel strongly that the borrowers chance of success at homeownership is strong.


Expanded qualifying ratios
Buyers with satisfactory credit may qualify with higher Debt-to-Income ratios to accommodate high cost housing areas, etc
Seller is allowed to pay Buyer’s Closing Cost (ask USDA Specialist for details)
Reduces out of pocket costs for Buyers
Low minimum credit score (640 minimum credit score required)
Buyers with non-traditional or no credit histories may qualify
Very low monthly PMI
Low monthly mortgage insurance means a lower monthly payment for the Buyers and additional cash each month
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Kentucky USDA credit score requirements