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Using Your Veterans Benefit to Buy a Home In Kentucky

Originally posted on Kentucky VA Mortgage Lender:
? ? ? Probably one of the most talked about GI benefits is the VA Home Loan. You’ve probably heard of it, but have you ever thought of it using it? Learn what it is & how can it help you here. Using Your Veterans Benefit to Buy…

Does bad debt, collections, or charge offs on credit report have to be paid off to get a VA loan approval in Kentucky

Collections on Credit Report and How They affect a Kentucky VA Mortgage Loan Approval   Collection accounts are accounts for a debt that have been submitted to a collection agency by the creditor generally due to nonpayment. Below are general tips and guidance on what DU will require when collection accounts are reporting on a borrower’s […]
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The Biggest Mistake Consumers Make When Taking Out a Home Loan

The Biggest Mistake Consumers Make When Taking Out a Home   Loan.   Bank Statements Don’t Reveal the Whole Picture Bank statements show the funds in your account, but whether these funds are legitimate is another question indeed. And cash deposits that are inconsistent with your banking history will be under the lender’s magnifying glass. […]
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