How do Student Loans Affect Your Chances of getting approved for a Kentucky Mortgage Loan?

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Kentucky Student loans can affect your ability to qualify for a Kentucky mortgage loan. In the chart below, we will point out the main qualifying guideline differences for each loan program that most people choose for their new home loan.

  1. Kentucky Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Conventional loans: This is by far the easiest loan program on student loans. However, they do require a 620 minimum credit score to be considered for this loan program. They will take the payment listed on the credit report if even the payment is less than 1% of the outstanding student loan balances.

2. Kentucky FHA Loans: This is one of the most difficult programs to qualify for if                  have a large amount of student loan balances. FHA will use 1% of the outstanding               balance which can make it difficult to qualify if you have a lower income  and                    high  student loan balances. The good thing about FHA loans is that they will do                 down to  a much lower credit score than Fannie Mae on the credit score                                 requirements, so keep this in mind. FHA will go down to a 580 credit score if you                 have 3.5 percent  down payment and will allow for gifts for down payments.

3. Kentucky VA loans: VA can be easier to qualify for if you are a veteran or active                duty soldier that has a VA COE. VA states that if the student loan debt is deferred                  for  12 months from the first new house payment, then the student loan payment               does  not have to be calculated into the borrower’s debt to income ratio, thus                       making it much easier to qualify for a mortgage payment if you have a lot  of                        student loan debt.

If the student loans are currently in repayment, then you can use the actual repayment plan, or use 5% of the total outstanding balances, divide by 12 months. They will not allow for an IBR (income based repayment)  payment, so keep this in mind.

Kentucky USDA Mortgage Loans: USDA will not allow for an IBR repayment plan payment when qualifying for a mortgage loan. They will take 1% of the outstanding loan balance or the fully amortized payment payment whichever is higher, to figure the qualifying house payment on USDA Mortgage loans debt to income ratio requirements.


Student Loan Chart to Use for Kentucky FHA, VA, USDA and Fannie Mae Mortgage Loans Qualifying Guidelines when figuring payments to use for debt to income ratio approval limits
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What are the current student loan guidelines for a Kentucky FHA, VA, USDA and Fannie Mae Conventional Mortgage loan.



Kentucky FHA Loan Guidelines for Student Loans:

Must be included in the borrower’s liabilities regardless of the payment type or

status. The payment amount must be either:

▪ The greater of:

· 1% of the outstanding balance on the loan or

· Monthly payment reported on the borrower’s credit report, or

▪ The servicer’s documented payment provided the payment will fully amortize

the loan over the repayment term period


Kentucky VA Mortgage Guidelines for Student Loans:


A payment does not need to be included if written evidence supports that the

student loan debt will be deferred beyond 12 months of closing.

In Repayment

Include loans with payments starting within 12 months. Calculate threshold

payment as a rate of 5% of outstanding balance divided by 12 months. If credit

report payment is higher, use credit report payment. If current documentation

from student loan servicer reflects actual terms and payment for each loan,

the verified payments may be used even if less than the threshold payment


Kentucky USDA Mortgage Guidelines For Student Loans

Fixed Payment

A permanent amortized, fixed payment is used when documentation supports fixed payment, interest and term.

Non-Fixed payment

Use 1% of the loan balance reflected on the credit report. Payment arrangements

that are deferred or non-fixed (Income Based Repayment (IBR), graduated, adjustable, interest only, etc.) may not be used.


Loans in Repayment Period

▪ If provided, use the credit report payment

▪ If credit report is incorrect, obtain student loan documentation from the servicer

to verify the payment used for qualification

Income Driven Repayment Plan

Use the student loan documentation to verify the actual monthly payment. Borrower

may be qualified with a $0 payment if the documentation supports it.

Loans in Deferment or Forbearance

▪ A payment equal to 1% of the outstanding student loan balance (even if this

amount is lower than the actual fully amortizing payment) or

▪ A fully amortizing payment using the documented loan repayment terms


Loans in Repayment

Use the greater of payment reported on credit report or .5% of the higher of original

or outstanding loan balance as shown on credit report.

Loans in Deferment or Forbearance

Use greater of payment reported on credit report or 1% of the higher of original or

current outstanding loan balance as shown on the credit report.

Loan Forgiveness

Payment may be excluded if file contains documentation that indicates:

▪ Monthly payment is deferred and/or in forbearance and full balance of the loan will be forgiven, canceled, discharged or will be paid if qualified for an employment-contingent repayment program and

▪ Borrower currently meets requirements for the student loan forgiveness/cancelation program

Obtain documentation from the student loan servicer to show the loan will be forgiven, canceled, discharged or that the borrower qualifies and is approved under an employment contingent repayment program that will extinguish the debt.
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Guidelines Changes on Student Loans for Conventional Fannie Mae, USDA, FHA, and VA Mortgage loans in Kentucky

Agreed, Student loans kill more mortgage loans now more than any other borrower that has good credit than anything else. The mortgage giants, ie, (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, USDA, FHA, VA, RHS) use to be very friendly toward student loans and if they were deferred or in forbearance we counted no payment for it.
Now with the massive explosion in student loan debts since the recession of 2008, student loan debt has now passed a lot of forms of debts and it’s growing every day since the cut backs from state and local governments and the increase of education costs being shifted toward the school and borrower.
Student loan debts by 2020 will be the biggest debt out there, surpassing mortgage debt.
They have reigned the requirement to make it more difficult to borrow now due to the increasing debts and fear of the borrower walking away from the house. You cannot walk way from student loan debts but you can a home, so tht is there thinking I am told by the higher-ups.

Recent changes to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines have made it easier for some, but not all with student loan debt to still qualify for home mortgage loans.

Both Fannie and Freddie have set underwriting guidelines that if lenders follow, makes the selling of loans to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac much easier.

Student Loans. How do lenders calculate?

Student loans can be in active repayment, some sort of reduced repayment (which is typically an income based repayment), or completely deferred.  While a student loan may be deferred for the next year or two, your mortgage loan is typically a 30-year loan. It only makes sense that lenders take current or future student loan payments into consideration when calculating debt ratios and affordability.
To avoid confusion, I’ll just talk about current guidelines for how lenders currently deal with your student loan debt for debt-to-income ratio purposes.

FHA Loans:

FHA loans must use the greater of 1% of the outstanding balance, or the payment listed on the credit report, unless you can document the payment is a fully amortizing payment. No income based repayment, graduated payments, or interest only payments allow

Fannie Mae Loans:

For deferred loans, must use 1% of the outstanding balance. For loans currently in repayment, use the payment listed on the credit report. If payment is listed as $0.00, but $0.00 is an active income based repayment, we must verify with the student loan company that $0.00 is the income based repayment.

Freddie Mac Loans:

For loans in repayment, use the amount listed on the credit report, or at least .50% (1/2%) of the outstanding balance, whichever is greater.
For deferred loans, must use the amount listed on the credit report, or 1% of the outstanding balance as reported on the credit report

USDA Rural Housing Loans:

For USDA loans, if the loan is deferred, income based payment, graduated payment, or interest only payment, must use the greater of   .5% of the outstanding balance, or the amount listed on the credit report.

VA Home Loans:

For VA loans, if payment is deferred at least 12 months past the loan closing date, no payment need be listed.
If payment will begin within 12 months of closing, use the payment calculated based on:
  a) 5% of the outstanding balance divided by 12
  b) The payment listed on the credit report if the payment is higher than calculated under (a).
If payment on credit report is less than (a), a letter, dated within the last 60-days directly from the student loan company that reflects the actual loan terms and payment information is required to use the smaller payment.
These updated guidelines primarily help those currently in repayment, but with income based, graduated payment, and interest only payment student loans obtain conventional loans
Student Loans Guidelines for FHA, VA, USDA and FAnnie Mae
The FNMA student loan calculation has been amended to the following
  • If the credit report lists a payment amount, then the listed amount can be used for qualifying purposes
  • If the credit reports lists a $0 payment or no payment at all, either of the following calculations can be used
    • o   1% of the outstanding student loan balance; OR
    • o   A calculated payment that will fully amortize the loan based on the loan repayment terms
Note: This applies to deferred student loans as well, no matter the length of deferment.
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