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What kind of income is allowed and needed for a FHA, VA, USDA and Fannie Mae Mortgage Loan Approval in Kentucky?

Income and your job history  plays a significant role when applying for a mortgage loan and getting approved for one for Kentucky Homebuyers . Mortgage Underwriters from FHA, VA, USDA and Fannie Mae  must follow both Fannie Mae  and agency guidelines when it comes to documenting and calculating qualifying income for a loan transaction. Income guidelines […]
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Kentucky Fannie Mae Mortgage Guideline Changes for 2015

Fannie Mae Kentucky Conforming Guideline Changes The following guideline changes are effective immediately for all Kentucky Fannie MaeF Conventional loans; however DU will not be updated to reflect these changes until August 15th 2015 Conversion of Currently Primary Residence Requirements for conversion of a borrower’s current primary residence to secondary or investment have been removed. […]
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Kentucky’s new second-time homebuyer, and affordable mortgage (KENTUCKY HOUSING)

New Kentucky Law = New Bucks For Buyers How about a little more home sale re-stimulus?        Kentucky’s new second-time homebuyer, and affordable mortgage, law was signed by Gov. Beshear today (Monday, March 28).        It’s effective April 30.        Until now, many two-income families had incomes over the limit for Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) […]
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