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2019 Welcome Home Program for Kentucky Home Buyers.

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? ? 2017 Welcome Home Program for Kentucky Home Buyers. ? Photo post by @kentuckyloan. Source: 2015 Welcome Home Program for Kentucky Home Buyers. ? ? Kentucky General Mortgage Guide for Underwriting Approval Kentucky Mortgage Underwriting Guidelines Understanding  Mortgage mortgage underwriting guidelines will help you understand your loan…

Kentucky USDA Increased Income Limits for 2019

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? ? Kentucky USDA Loan Requirements Updated Income Limits for 2019 Income Eligibility Effective July 22, 2019, income limits for all Kentucky Rural Housing USDA Rural Development Loans and their  Counties have increased. After a four year pilot that was tested in 16…

Self-Employed Guidelines for Getting a Mortgage Approved In Kentucky

  Self Employed Income Guidelines for a Getting a Kentucky Government FHA, VA, USDA Mortgage Loan in Kentucky A borrower is considered self employed if they have 25% or more ownership in a business. Contract or 1099 employees are self employed borrowers. There are 4 types of self employed business structures: Sole Proprietorships Corporations Limited […]
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