Same day credit pull, 2 different scores

Why You Should Not Use Credit Karma
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What’s a good website to pull my credit report and score?

Rapid Rescore


The score on the left is from and the score on the right is from .

The scores were pulled on the same date, but the difference in score is 27 points.

The Credit Karma site uses a “Vantage 3.0” scoring model, the Equifax site uses an “Equifax Credit Score™”.

If you are applying for a mortgage or auto loan, most banks in the U.S. use a “FICO” score to approve your loan.  The credit scores on Credit Karma and are not a FICO score.  The only site on the internet that will sell you a “Mortgage FICO score” or an “Auto loan FICO score” is .

For more information on how to better understand credit scores, your credit report, what to do about negative information on your credit report you can contact me direct for a consultation.

Jason Hall

President and Certified Credit Expert


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