Credit Karma -“Free” isn’t good, and good isn’t free..

Why You Should Not Use Credit Karma
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What’s a good website to pull my credit report and score? Credit Scores and Credit Alerts Misleading
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Rapid Rescore

Almost every person I speak with about their credit, they monitor their scores through Credit Karma.  It’s free, which is typically the reason why it’s used.  But that old saying, good isn’t free..and free isn’t good comes to mind.

So I had the idea of checking in on Credit Karma’s rating and reviews on the Better Business Bureaus website.  And here’s their rating…

Fullscreen capture 7152017 62613 AM

I also pulled one of the reviews from the website…

“I recently used Credit Karma in Canada (where I live) to determine if I would be able to get a mortgage on a new home. My score from them show my credit to be well into the good category at 716. I then approached a company for a mortgage ( I would never have considered this with a bad score). I was contacted within a few hours that my credit score was 618. I asked this company…

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