Kentucky Mortgage Rates Today

The different types of mortgage insurance available for Louisville Kentucky Mortgage Loans

Annual Plan – The first year premium is collected at closing, and then monthly payments are held in escrow for the following year.

Monthly Plan – Two months of MI is paid at closing, then collected monthly as part of the mortgage payment.

Zero Up–Front Plan – Use that money for the down payment instead, as MI is paid monthly with the first mortgage payment, not at closing.

Single/Financed Premium – Entire MI premium is paid at closing, and can be paid with down payment assistance or financed into the loan.

Split Premium – A combination of single premium and the monthly plan; the seller can help with the up–front premium or it can be financed in, resulting in lower monthly premiums.

Single Premium Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance (LPMI)4– “Life of Loan” mortgage insurance that is paid after closing by the lender; no annual or monthly premiums or renewals.
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Louisville Kentucky Mortgage Loans

Today’s Rates for Kentucky FHA, VA, USDA, Conforming Mortgage Loans  Kentucky Mortgage Rates Interest Rate APR Discount Points Down Payment 30 Year Conforming Fixed 3.500% 3.561% 0.00 25% 15 …

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