Raise Credit Scores By Becoming An Authorized User

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The Credit Expert

This will quickly raise your credit scores…

How to raise my credit scoresIn today’s world more and more is based on credit.  The ability to purchase, for emergencies, to qualify for a job and more.  The downside is that more and more companies (insurance companies especially) are using credit and credit scores to qualify you.  If you don’t have good credit (above 740 FICO scores) you will most likely pay higher rates and fees because of it.

Lenders are not the only ones using credit to qualify you!

One answer is to become an authorized user on someone else’s credit card that has a better credit rating. The process is simple, you and the other party (spouse, sibling, friend, co-worker, etc.) agree that although you are an authorized user, you will not use this account to purchase.  The agreement is only to have that good credit card history added to your credit profile and nothing…

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