Louisville Kentucky First Time Home Buyer Classes


Louisville Kentucky First Time Home Buyer Classes


Consumer Credit Counseling Service

 (502) 458-8840

2100 Gardiner Lane, Suite 103A 1-800-278-9219 (toll-free)


Louisville, KY 40205



Since 1980, Consumer Credit Counseling Service has been a HUDapproved


counseling agency. Many lenders look for this stamp of approval


in deciding where to send their customers for counseling. Consumer


Credit Counseling Service not only provides the one-on-one counseling


often required by lenders, but it offers a one-day Homebuyer Preparedness


Program. This free program covers such topics as working with a


real estate agent, finding a lender, figuring out how much you can afford


to spend and going through the application process. The agency is certified


by HUD to provide default and reverse equity mortgage counseling,


too. Counseling on debt management and budgets also is available. The


initial counseling session is free. Consumer Credit has six sites throughout


the area.



The Housing Partnership, Inc.

 (502) 585-5451

333 Guthrie Green, Suite 404 www.housingpartnershipinc.org


Louisville, KY 40202


The Housing Partnership, Inc. Home Ownership Program is the largest


HUD-certified program in Kentucky. The program provides counseling,


courses and other services to those who want to own a home. It also


provides counseling to home owners who are in danger of default. Participants


attend an orientation session before being assigned a counselor,


who provides information on budgeting and credit preparation. Participants


then must complete several short courses over six weeks. These


courses cover basics, such as sales contracts, home inspections, mortgage


loans, insurance and maintenance. A one-time fee based on income may


be assessed. Scholarships are available. The fee entitles participants to


a lifetime of service. Home buyers often come back for help on budget


and credit issues. The Housing Partnership has five satellite locations


scattered throughout the area, including two nearby in Indiana.



Kentucky Housing Corp.



(502) 564-7630, ext. 324

1231 Louisville Road 1-800-633-8896 (Kentucky only)


Frankfort, KY 40601 www.kyhousing.org


The “Yes You Can…Own a Home” series of classes is presented periodically


throughout the state by local lenders and nonprofit organizations.


Local coordinators team up with housing-related professionals


who volunteer their time to serve as instructors. Topics include finding


the right house, completing a loan application, the mortgage loan process,


budget and credit issues and basic home maintenance. The classes


are free and open to all. In addition, the agency offers a counseling


program for potential home buyers who have been declined financing


by the Kentucky Housing Corp. or by a KHC-approved lender or who


have completed the “Yes You Can” course and are within KHC’s income


limits. As the state housing-finance agency, the Kentucky Housing


Corp. also offers a down-payment assistance program, low-interest-rate


mortgages, financing for the production of rental housing and a variety


of rental assistance programs.



Louisville Urban League

 (502) 561-6830, ext. 122

1535 W. Broadway www.lul.org


Louisville, KY 40203


The Louisville Urban League Housing Services & Neighborhood


Revitalization Department offers the Home Ownership Training (HOT)


Program. Through individual and group counseling, HOT prepares


and prequalifies people for mortgages. In one-on-one sessions with a


certified HUD counselor, clients learn about budgeting, credit and home


ownership options. When financially ready (clean credit, steady budget


and savings), clients take four classes. These cover sales and purchase


contracts, inspections and maintenance, loan applications and closing,


and insurance. Classes are held the last two Tuesday and Thursday


nights of the month. Those who already save, budget and have established


good credit are eligible for a “fast track” version of this training—a


one-day group session called “Home Track.” The Urban League charges


a lifetime membership fee, which is set on a sliding scale, based on


income. The fee ranges from $100 to $250. Kentucky residency is not


required. Additional counseling is available on such issues as reverse


mortgages, delinquencies, refinancing and rental options.



f you’re thinking about buying a home, you might want to think

about talking to one of these agencies first. They can provide

you with valuable advice on every step of the process, from

budgeting your income to negotiating a contract to closing on a

loan. The assistance doesn’t stop once you’ve moved in; many

agencies will also give you guidance on how to maintain your

home and how to prevent foreclosure. Most of these agencies

provide their services at no charge. Usually, anyone can

take advantage of the programs, although they are aimed primarily at

first-time buyers. In some cases, counseling is required by lenders,

especially if any government assistance is being provided to help lower

a loan rate or help pay for closing costs. All of the agencies will provide

interpreters for those who don’t speak English.



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