Ky First Time Home Buyer Program


Kentucky Housing Corporation encourages
Kentuckians to pursue homeownership because

it strengthens financial and household stability.

Through an array of interrelated programs, Kentucky
Housing provides at or below-market interest rate

home loans, down payment and closing costs

assistance, homeownership education and counseling

and mortgage loan servicing.

Kentucky Housing’s free Home Buyer Notebook, a

step-by-step guide to purchasing a home

 Home Mortgage Loans

income-qualified home buyers, including a variety of conventional

loans, as well as Federal Housing Administration-, Veterans
Administration- and Rural Housing Services-insured loans.

Qualifications for the program are based primarily on income,

credit history and the ability to repay the loan. All loans are offered

at a fixed rate for a term of 30 years. Kentucky Housing’s current

interest rate can be found at Purchase price
limitations apply and are periodically adjusted in accordance with the

state’s affordable housing market.

For Home Buyers

| Kentucky Housing Corporation



Down Payment and Closing CostsAssistance Loans



Recognizing that down payments and closing costs are often
stumbling blocks for many potential home buyers, Kentucky Housing

developed several down payment assistance programs to meet

a variety of needs. Depending on the individual home buyer’s

qualifications, including income and purchase price limits, up to

$10,000 may be available for down payment and closing costs

Special First Mortgage Loans

To further extend affordable homeownership opportunities,
Kentucky Housing periodically offers very low-interest rate home

loans to income-qualified Kentuckians with special needs. Eligible

households include single parents, elderly and persons who receive

disability income. The interest rate assigned to a qualified applicant

may range from 1 to 6 percent, based on what his or her income can


Kentucky Housing offers at or below-market interest rate loans to

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